Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'M STILL HERE GOD!    Saturday 3/5/11

I'm sitting here watching TBN and praising God's goodness.  I have been distant from God these days, busy in my life and I just want to yell.... I'M STILL HERE GOD!  I know He is always with me, but sometimes I get so caught up in MY life.  I am so glad I have this Blog, it brings me back to what, where and who I am suppose to serve.  On TBN the preacher remineded me that Jesus said to his Mother....."I have to go about my Father's business"... WOW! Am I going about my Father's business?  Not all the time.  So before I sign off today I would like to say that I have to go about my Father's business and I hope you will too.  Have a blessed saturday in your Father's love.      LEENY